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About The Course

Our certificate course in Special Education program is aimed to serve and educate children from the pre and primary level with disabilities that are hampering the educational process. The special needs education program promotes academic progress by providing a healthy environment for learning and assessment of an individual. In this type of learning, the disabled children are taught with non-disabled students in a normal classroom rather than a special education classroom to boost up socialisation. A special education teacher can also work alongside a general education teacher in an inclusive classroom to meet the varied needs of the children.

Teachers trained in the special needs education course help children to overcome isolation by encouraging them to meet with people and talk to them as social skills are important for personal growth and success.

The Special Education certificate course guides a teacher in developing proper behaviour and attitude that is acceptable to the society amongst children with disabilities and impairments. Certain offensive, disruptive or objectionable behaviour is sometimes seen from disabled children in a classroom or social environment. Special education teaches the methods to deal with these types of situations where it allows some tolerance of the disruptive behaviours in an instructional environment while educating children to correct them. The Special Education teachers also help overly aggressive students to correct their impulsive behaviours so that they become socially accepted.

Instructors who have undergone this course also work as motivators for disabled students helping them to achieve success in their lives.