Innovated by RIAND Bangladesh, RIAND TALK is an augmentative and alternative communication device to assist the speech-impaired disabled in expressing their basic needs. The caregivers can also record their voice and input the basic needs e.g. need to drink water or eat food or need to go to washroom etc. Each command is associated with a particular button that the disabled people press to place the demand.

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Names of Experts

Engr. Sk. Shahin Rahman
RIAND Bangladesh

Product description

Is your child speech-delay or speechless? Do you have a speech-impaired adult at home? DON’T WORRY! RIAND Bangladesh’s high-functioning materials and devices develop speech and make non-communicable people express their needs. If your child is speech-delay, give them RIAND Fun Thinker. It will boost their cognition level and improve their speech. It’s so fun! They will development speech through games. For the next phase, the right choice is RIAND TALK, a multi-functional, need-based alternative communication device that you can customize according to one’s ability and needs, even by setting input in your own voice. So don’t delay to pick the right RIAND device for somebody you truly care.


Engr. Sk. Shahin Rahman, Chairman of RIAND Bangladesh was nominated as Country Expert to represent Bangladesh at Multi-country expert meeting on neurodevelopmental disorders held in Nepal in June 25-26, 2019. Department for International Development (DFID) arranged the meeting for analyzing the status of NDD in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Afghanistan. Only one expert was selected from each country.

Target population

CP, autism, MR, Acquired congenital pictorial verbal mode of communication and can be SL disorders like ALS, Parkinson’s customized according to specific needs of patients. Disease, adult communication disorders like stroke, CVA, voice disorders, post-surgery of OPMS or larynx and other speech language disorders.