All child is most lovely to their parents. Usually the emotion, sensation, affection and worry of parents for a sick child are more than other. If the child is suffering for any disease never would be cure and for the rest of life be depend to other, then the only worry of parents is what to be happened to him/her in their absent? After death of parents, is the baby will be a baby of road? Because after death of parents who will bear this load to his/her shoulder, is it very rare in our present society. In other countries of the world there is rehabilitation arrangement for disabled child but in Bangladesh there is no rehabilitation institution managed by the government of private initiative. After death of parents, the child would not be the child of street, in this view to ensure their nursing, treatment, education & required security in absence of their parents we have to established a residential shelter for Cerebral Palsy patients to provide Need Based Service, that is the main objective of Cerebral Palsy Association.