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Number of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) is increasing alarmingly! If the disabled are not trained up to be self-dependent, they turn to burdens on family and society. Early intervention protects children to a great extent from miserable fortunes. We have established a state of the art intervention unit that conducts all kinds of assessment and recommends the protocol children require. We have also set up School of Speech Delay & Attention Deficiency to address those children who look sound but suffer from speech delay. Moreover, we have launched multi-dimensional vocational training programs to make NDD teens skilled and self-dependent. RIAND Bangladesh is a research institute that carries out research on causes, proliferation and updated intervention procedures of NDDs. We are ready to take challenges and shoulder parents’ concerns and pain.

Chief Adviser


Department of Communication Disorder
University of Dhaka

Prof. Dr. Hakim Arif has achieved PhD degree on Pragmatics and Communication from Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin), Berlin, Germany in 2011. He has completed MSc in Clinical Linguistics from University of Joensuu, Finland, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and University of Potsdam, Germany in 2007. He completed MA in General Linguistics, University of Groningen, the Netherlands Bengali Language and Literature, University of Dhaka. In 2001 . He is the Chief Adviser of Research Institute for Autism and Neurodevelopmental disabilities (RIAND – Bangladesh), He is also Advisor of Cerebral Palsy Association of

Executive Director

Suraiya Munir

Suraiya Munir is a dynamic and unique educator for children with learning difficulties. Her expertise has prospered many lives and their families’. She is an Academic Staff and Team Leader at Dasman Bilingual School, Kuwait and a Visiting Instructor at Brehm Preparatory School, IL, USA. Suraiya follows ‘holistic approach’ of teaching towards the students’, preparing them emotionally and academically to understand and overcome challenges of life and solve them.Suraiya earned her PGC and training in Education from The University at of Nottingham, UK and is currently working on her master’s dissertation in Special and Additional Learning Needs at University of East London, UK. Simultaneously, a trained coach for ADHD and Behavior Disorder

Suraiya has been working with children with complex learning disabilities mostly for Mathematics and Science subject areas. And moreover, has always stepped forward to speared awareness among different stages of society. She is also recognized for been interviewed for sharing her opinion on TV shows. Suraiya as been titled as ‘mentalist’ for her extraordinary persuasive power. Her enthusiasm, confidence, creativity, humor, patience…..all in all is a signature by itself.


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